Company Coming for the Holidays?

Add a personal touch to your guest room this holiday season for special family members who are spending a few days in your home.  Just a few careful touches added to the space can make your guests feel so welcome.  

In addition to fresh linens, piles of guest towels and scented soaps, these tips courtesy of style guru Nate Berkus are very welcoming:

•    Add a carafe of water next to the night stand;
•    Pick up a book you think your guest will enjoy reading and add a handwritten note letting them know why they’ll like the read;
•    DVR your guests favorite TV shows so they can keep up while they are on vacation;
•    Add a small basket with simple things like a cell phone charger, sewing kit and scented lotions on the night stand or dresser;
•    Add a framed photo of your guest as a child or your favorite vacation together as a reminder;
•    Add flowers from your garden to a small juice glass with water and place it in the guest bath.

Do you have personal touches that you add to your home when guests are staying overnight?  Tell us about it on our Facebook page.